Feldbergklinik Dr. Asdonk

oldest Clinic specialized in Lymphology worldwide

Our doctors have been dealing with lymphological diseases for many years and are therefore more than experienced with every type of malfunction in the lymphatic system in the human body.

The therapy is practiced by qualified and experienced therapists. Since 1969 the Asdonk Schools teach the Manual Lymphdrainage to Masseurs and therapists.

The house and the friendly staff are responsible for an atmosphere, which the patients will enjoy from the first moment of their arrival - it won't even feel like a clinic. The clinic has a total of 66 beds.

All our rooms are single rooms. For patients who want to be accompanied by another person, we provide double rooms. Everyone of our rooms has a bathroom with shower and toilet. The room itself provides a telephone, a flatscreen TV and WiFi access (has to be registered). 

The sitting room as well as the cafeteria both invite the patients for some time to read, to chat with other patients or just to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

The chapel in the houose is open to all patients, once a wekk there's a church service provided. The cosy atmosphere in the dining room as well as the friendly staff will help you to relax and to accomplish medical success. The house also has an elevator to bring you to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.


The park and the woody area around the clinic provide the perfect setting for long walks and relaxation.

In the 1st floor you'll find a PC for free internet access, that can be used 24 hours a day. Furthermore patients can book WiFi access to any room.